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Bootdesinfector Bootdesinfector

Stainless steel frame with extra heavy-duty Rilsan brushes. Cleans, scrubs and desinfects without electrical power. Assists in preventing disease transfer. Read more

Box for caesarian section Box for caesarian section

Well-thought-out and robust manufactured ........ a Vink product! A calm, quick and safe surgery will cost less and is less damaging to the animal. The telescopic tube gives either more protection or more space depending on its position. Read more

Calf puller for Beef Calf puller for Beef

The Vink calf puller for beef is suitable for heavy beef cattle. It has a functional design and is very solid. Read more

Calf puller for milking cows Calf puller for milking cows

Vink Calf puller for milking cows is the only single handed calf puller whereby no assistance from others is required if the delivery becomes difficult! Read more

Cattle brush Cattle brush

The only one guaranteed to work without problems. The unique construction of this brush makes breaking impossible! Read more

Cattlebrush with dispenser Cattlebrush with dispenser

A clever constructed combination of cattle brush with pesticide dispenser. Keeps the skin of the animals clean and healty. Read more

Cowlift Cowlift

Indispensable on every dairy-farm. A cow that cannot stand may yet be saved. Read more

Hoofcareframe Hoofcareframe

An affected leg can immediately be treated to prevent getting worse. Read more

Pig's brush Pig's brush

Pig's brush, prevents boredom and satisfies the pig's need to rub. Read more

Pig's brush combination Pig's brush combination

A cleverly constructed combination of pig's brush with a container for cooling the animal and attacking skin parasites. Read more

Rotating cattle brush Rotating cattle brush

The brush does not need any space in the barn. Can be positioned anywhere int he barn. Read more

Support for cow's head Support for cow's head

Vink support for the cow's head. A support for the herdsman who uses his head! Read more

Tailcutter Tailcutter

A superb battery powered piglet tail docker for the professional pig farmer. Read more

Tailcutter with transformer 110/220 volt Tailcutter with transformer 110/220 volt

Cauterizes red-hot and fast unlimited, no heat-up time. Read more

Vink hydromatic footbath Vink hydromatic footbath

The hydromatic foot bath by Vink is an ideal method for treating and preventing infectious hoof disorders. The cows quickly become familiar with the tray, however it is recommended that cows walk through the dry foot bath twice before the spray mechanism is put into operation. The two divided channels help the cows to walk slowly and carefully through the 3 metre long bath. This process allows the treatment sufficient time to penetrate her feet thoroughly. Read more

Golfball washer Golfball washer

Washer and elevator in one machine. The golfball washer cleans the balls and transports them to the golfball dispenser. Read more

Hoofcare spray mat Hoofcare spray mat

The solution for contagious hoof diseases, especially in robot stables Read more

Spreader Spreader

Efficient, simple and fast A hundred boxes spread within 5 minutes Read more