About us

Who we are

In the early eighties Gerrit Jan Vink, founder of the company, started developing specialised products at his farm mainly to be used in animal husbandry. The Dutch farmer appreciates high quality equipment that enables him to work efficiently and economically.  These products were marketed successfully which stimulated him to continue on a larger scale.  New products were developed and existing products were improved.  Most of these new developed and innovative products were patented.  Next to the products for animal husbandry he developed products for cleaning and golf products.

Producting and marketing became professional and after some time the products were marketed succesfully not only in Holland. At the moment the major part of these and other VINK products that followed them are exported to more than 50 countries all over the world.

New ideas are constantly evaluated, tested and the best ones will be taken into production to expand the range of VINK products.

For an overview of our total range you can click on this link.