Calf puller for Beef

The Vink calfpuller has a very functional design, is wholly constructed in stainless steel, very robust and practically indestructible which ensures a long and trouble-free service.

The Vink calfpuller has some important advantages:

• Impossible to slip away from the cow

• The only single handed calfpuller

• It permits pulling tension straight, upwards for posterior presentation and also downwards in the direction of the udder for a normal birth.

Only available with alternate traction!

The lever mechanism of the VINK calfpuller with alternate traction is equipped with 2 hooks which will be drawn backwards one by one when pulling the handle backwards.

The pole can be moved sideways maximum 30 degrees, a move sideways of more than 30 degrees can damage the apparatus.

Always take care to ensure sufficient room around the cow during the delivery, this renders a sideways movement of the pole unnecessary.