Pig’s brush combination

The VINK Pig’s brush with container can best be used in the pen where the pig is active, where it feeds etc. Pigs love using the brushes, it gives them something to do and the brushes keep the skins of the animals clean and healthy.

The horizontal brush has a unique spring fastening
The spring of the horizontal brush is pressed around the tube with great force.
As a result the maximum number of windings is utilized.
The horizontal brush cannot turn.
If the pig is pestered by skin parasites or flies, the container can be filled with a pesticide.

The on/off tap is adjustable.

In hot weather the container can be filled with water, the animals can moisten their skins and in this way they cool off.

• The container can also be equipped with a float and be connected to low –pressure water supply.

• The quantity of the liquid is adjustable

• Prevents boredom and pigs love using the brushes.

The solution to keep the skin healthy and to reduce skin parasites.

The pig’s brush can also be supplied without a container.